Miminat shodeinde

Miminat Shodeinde is a British Nigerian artist and designer, born and raised in London. Dovetailing an artistic aesthetic with architectural discipline, Miminat seeks to align the prosaic with the poetic.

By blending the complementary and contradictory, whilst embracing the integration of the old and the new, she creates timeless, immersive experiences, where art and architecture meet. Her sculptural design pieces break down the relationship between form and function allowing art and design to intersect, while her diverse influences and background inform her use of space through both form and placement.

Defying categorisation, her style is fluid, sophisticated and functional but seeks to imbue each project with a personality of its own.

the studio

Miminat Designs is a design and interior architecture studio, committed to creating functional art and relaxed elegant spaces. Founded by British Nigerian Artist and Designer Miminat Shodeinde, the London-based studio specialises in Luxury Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Retail & Yacht projects across the globe.

Pushing the boundaries of design whilst embracing time-honoured methods of construction, Miminat’s sculptural design pieces are handcrafted and hand finished by a skilled team of British and European artisans.

Creating one-of-a-kind modernist spaces working with clients who share the studio’s passion for refinement, craft and attention to detail, Miminat Designs is currently working on projects across the world in countries including Portugal, Italy, India, The Caribbean, Nigeria, the UK, Kuwait, and United States.

Miminat Designs is included in House & Garden Top 100 Designers (2023), The Elle Décor A-List (2023), Frederick Magazine IT List, USA (2023) and AD Middle East Top 100 (2023).