M  I  M  I  N  A  T


Born and raised in London, Mimi developed a distinct flair and passion for art at a young age. Her drawing and painting skills allow her to explore the beauty between form and function and how they are interwoven, which is reflected in her designs.



Mimi’s degree in Interior Architecture , encouraged and pushed her desire to play with the concept of using art to constantly manipulate and create an architecturally well-designed space. There she developed the notion that everything is a form of art. Her influences are drawn from her Nigerian heritage but also her love for travel, which allows her to assimilate different cultures and incorporate them into her designs. Her design style is contemporary, functional, quirky and sophisticated; it encapsulates the very nature of art inspired design.



Furniture must have a personality as well as be beautiful and she endeavours to bring elegance and charm to the world of art and design.

S  T  U  D  I  O 

Miminat Designs is a London based Furniture, Product and Interior Architecture Studio. Founded in 2015, committed to producing functional art pieces.


Pushing the boundaries of design ,Miminat exploits a combination of materials, textures and surfaces to develop a harmonious balance of cultivated, avant-garde pieces using methods of construction enriched in history.


Playing on form and function, the approach is a juxtaposition of the complementary and contradictory. Sourcing unique materials from around the world, each piece has been delicately handmade and hand finished by Miminat’s team and artisans and craftsmen from Italy, Portugal, Central Europe, United Kingdom, India and North Africa. It is their precision and skill that brings the work to life.